Our current app duopoly is causing a whole heap of headaches for developers.

You're fine using their shipped in device advantage, unless you don't want to give away umpteen percent of your revenue (or jack the price up accordingly for the customer).

Anything goes until $$$ is involved

Maybe you want to ship something that competes with, or blocks a service that the app store duopoly builds into other products that they also make, but would fall foul of their app store t's & c's written to protect other digital revenue streams.

an app store that allows innovation to flourish

We provide a safe place for users to download apps that are vetted to meet one statement:


1. Does the app do what it advertises that it does,

2. without undertaking any additional unadvertised activity, or

3. manipulate or transmit your data in ways that would typically be considered nefarious?

Everything else, we leave up to legislation and law enforcement


in Web3 we trust

Decentralised, trustless and community driven...

Captain aims to build out the following Web3 infrastructure as we grow from an idea into a platform embraced by a community of users

DAO Management Structure

Our platforms are now public utilities. They should be ran as such - through a DAO infrastructure.

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Financial Model

The token makes the app go round - without middlemen. Advertisers buy it, app auditors receive it.

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No Proprietary Infrastructure

We want to use blockchain technology to make the service run, independent of individuals.

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DAO Management Structure

Once an app becomes important to the community, they should be the one's running it - particularly as an application reaches the end of its innovation journey, and becomes a familiar seldom changing utility.

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Tokenised Operating Model

A token is used by developers who stake value through it, auditors who get paid for their diligent submission checking through it, and advertisers who pay for prominent spots within the app through it.

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No Rent-Seeking Behaviour

If a developer wants to make money from their app - then build out a payment platform in their app.

Captain has no right to or claim on revenue from your wares.

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who do we think you are?

We don't need to know... So there's no log in.

In fact, we collect only 2 pieces of data, as follows:

1. When you load the app - it sends a ping to our server - explaining what version of the app is being run.

It tells us how often the app is being used and what versions are active in the community.

2. When you click on the download / update app button, the app pings our server telling us that the button has been pressed for a specific app - so we can understand which apps get downloaded and when.

This will eventually be shared with the community so app developers and users can see the popularity of the app.

We collect nothing else about you (i.e.: your name, IP address, device type, how many toes you have).
We just aren't interested!



This is currently a bootstrapped project, but the plan is to build out the platform, handing control over to the community as we define, launch and adapt features into a suitable proposition.

Now vs. Future

See Captain's ideas and feature developments on this Trello board.

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The download button

Look out for this button. It links to a brighter future for smartphone users and provides new choice for Android phone users.